Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snorkeling at Petempich Bay on Port Morelos, Riviera Maya, MX

What a wonderful experience I just had when visiting the second largest coral reef in the world!! This is precisely the barrier we have at La Riviera Maya Mexicana. And there is no better way to do this than snorkeling. 
I was exploring Petempich Bay which belongs to Puerto Morelos and I saw a signal saying "restaurant by the beach"....and obviously I had to go to do my research! I found a nice n comfy restaurant with a very varied and affordable menu, with an excellent service and impressive chef. The restaurant's "backyard" was the beautiful beach, soft sand and the coral reef just 3km away. I need to explain that this is one of the closest points from the beach to it. For example between the Island of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen; Cozumel has it closer.  I was checking the nice environment when I met Martin Canul, a certified guide in charge of Snorkeling Adventures; in less than 20minutes I was already putting on my bathing suit which I always have ready on my jeep just in case (Today is a case). Martin explained to me the procedure: Diving twice (45minutes each), lunch, break and a final immersion. (For information and prices please contact Martin at (01152-998-216-6634, he can give you the price based on the amount of people, bringing your waterproof camera is highly recommended). 

Diving #1:The first one it's obviously 
the learning experience. But the instructions are so clear and simple and you can tell how important is safety for this team work with all certifications and regulations in compliance that you relax very soon and not many questions need to be asked. These guys are very experienced and they make you have the time of your life. Therefore it is extremely recommended for beginners, experts and any age because you have your floating vest, new snorkel and no physical condition in specific is required to do this. On this one, the depth it is from 3 to 5 meters on extremely clear turquoise waters full of thousands of colorful fishes!! I was able to see to the fish known as trompet, a cutie red crab, mant rays, parrot fish, bull fish, a huge pargo and the whole parade better than any aquarium...i literally felt like if I were the "Little Mermaid" and I was about to sing "Under the Sea" but I just couldn't for being speechless and...oh!! breathing through my mouth...(Maybe that's why I have sinus, so I could be a true natural snorkeling person breathing through her mouth!! jajaaa) 

The first 45 minutes passed flying, I didnt feel them...we came back to the boat where nice fresh water was waiting for us, and from there to the 2nd location...

Diving #2: The depth for this one it is 10 to 15meters and you can see gigantic coral formations, colorful fans and sea stars. I got to see a beautiful turtle and an octopus!!! which I had a chance later to grab with my hands and feel how it would stick to me hardly (he even left some dark ink on me).. but definitely in here the main star it is the coral reef which acts also as a natural protection for us. Once again, time passed immediately and it was time to come back.. 

On the beach, a delicious buffet was
waiting for us. 
Including by the way some nice tequila drinks or extremely cold beers for the mayan heat. There is always the choice of having just some fresh water or soft drinks. 
On this break the options are to lay back and enjoy the palapas, hamocs, beach beds and the incredible view; of course with a full tummy, eyes still in shock and a very happy heart.  

3rd diving: Again not a very deep area to be able to see the multi color fishes and some species I wished to know their names...but it will be my goal to learn them and identify them because Im planning on visiting them often and it is rude no to be able to say hi to them by their proper names.  = ).

Some of the highlights about this group of guys working on these tours at Bahia Petempich:

=Their love for the coral reef and their contagious happiness. 
=As they guide and snorkel they pick up any trash found. (Oh yes! you might find tiny plastics that will damage coral formations and sofocate fishes)
=The amazing pictures they take you. Fidel and Israel are in charge of photos and they are the best to find your angle with flora and fauna included; so at the end you can also take with you, for a very decent price, the CD with all your pictures throughout the tour and even take them already printed by Alejandro If you want to. 
Excellent service and the best quality...I was really pleased with the experience in general and that's why I'm sharing it with you. 

So, it is just left to say good bye, but first I need to thank Martin for convincing me and take me into this marine adventure. I also need to remind you that every time you participate on this type of tours we should avoid to touch the coral for its own conservartion, use biodegradable sun block and always respect the species you find in there..after all we are invading their home! so please... show your good manners. Preserve our natural beauties. Namaste!

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